Strangers Never Again (3 Part Series)

88 ratings
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Strangers Never Again (3 Part Series)

Wong Fu Productions
88 ratings

What would you do if you ran into your ex? What would you say to “The one that got away”? How would it feel to cross paths with someone you loved, 10 years later, and after life turned you both into strangers?

Josh and Marissa were in love a decade ago, in their early 20s, and since then, life took them in very different directions. Now, in their early 30s, the two have a chance to reconnect, but is this really their second chance?

This story is the sequel to the short film Strangers, Again that premiered in 2011. Wong Fu Productions revisits these characters on the film’s 10 year anniversary through a 3-part series event!

Runtime: 57 min

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Chapter 1
17:31 min
Chapter 2
17:29 min
Chapter 3
22:10 min


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