SHELL (4 Part Series)

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SHELL (4 Part Series)

Wong Fu Productions
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What if you could have a memory of something you never actually experienced? What would you want to remember? Explore a world where artificial memories, called Shells, can be implanted into people’s minds. It’s a new discovery that’s not exactly widespread or legal, but has affected many lives. Some rely on Shells to find inspiration, while others want to re-envision their past, or even cope with forgotten experiences. Follow Adam, an ambitious cogsci grad student who develops and applies the Shell technology to a variety of clients with distinct needs. Through his experimental work, Adam meets an aspiring writer named Mabel, and soon learns how fragile human memories can be.

SHELL: The Series, is a "spiritual sequel" to the original, Shell, written and directed by Wesley Chan in 2011. This new 4 part series explores ideas that were introduced in the original, but expands the story through new characters, unexpected relationships, and higher stakes.

Lawrence Kao
Porter Duong
Raymond Ma
Tom Williamson
Vee Kumari
Chris Dinh
Mimi Chao
Dawn Ying Yuen

Written & Directed by Wesley Chan
Director of Photography Christopher Yang
Producers Benson Quach, Jessica Lin, & Taylor Chan

TRT: 1 hour 16 min

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Episode 1
22:11 min
Episode 2
21:20 min
Episode 3
16:53 min
Episode 4
15:31 min


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